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Elaine McGirr

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Information about Elaine: Elaine is the mother of one of my best mates, Chris (better known as Moonie to his friends). Elaine was born in Nyngan NSW and lived with her parents on a property “Honeybugle” just out of Nyngan, until the family sold up and moved to Griffith in the 1940’s. When the family moved to Griffith they had a rice farm for about 10 years.
Elaine’s family then moved to “Painters Creek”, Nambour where they grew pineapples. Upon this property being sold it became the site of the “Big Pineapple” at Nambour.
When Elaine was 18, she moved to Bourke where she commenced her nursing career. She married, had six children and lived with her family at “Lauredale” Fords Bridge from 1956 – 1966. A severe drought hit and the family moved back into the Bourke township.

Whilst raising her family, Elaine attended Armidale University to become a Special Ed Teacher, mainly teaching down syndrome children. She commenced the first private child care facility in Bourke many years ago, then returned to nursing, where she remained until she was in her 60’s.
Elaine has been kind enough to provided us with several recipes, which have been passed down through her family. Both Elaine and her mother Mrs Agnes Larkings were / are great cooks and we feel very blessed that Elaine has agreed to share some of her family recipes!!! :)


Posted by: Mark Hull

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