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Jenny Gibbons

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Information about Jenny: Jenny Gibbons (my mother) is a country woman who grew up and lived on the land around the remote Wanaaring area for the first 60 years of her life. She still lives on a few acres about ten minutes out of Dubbo with my father, which they both love.

Over the years of living on the land, Mum accumulated many recipes which were either handed down from other family members or given to her by other ladies living on the land, from around the community.

Posted by: Marianne Hull

Recipes Currently Listed (37)
Apple Slice
Aunty Melvie's Christmas Cake
Baked Golden Syrup Dumplings - Serve with warm custard or ice cream
Butterscotch Pudding
Caramel Tart - Serve with cream or ice cream
Cherry Nut Slice
Chicken Peanut Satay - Serve with rice
Chocolate Fudge Short Spread
Cottage Pudding - Serve with warm or cold custard or ice cream
Crab Balls
Dolly Gray's Ginger Beer
Easy French Onion Chops - Serve with mashed potato or rice (or other vegetables of choice)
Easy Paprika Chicken - Serve on a bed of boiled rice
Greek Mutton - Serve with a dob of sour cream on each plate
Impossible Pie - Serve with custard or cream
Jen's Lamb Shanks - Serve on a bed of mashed sweet potato
Jen's Mince Dish
Keanish Squares
Kentish Nut Cake
Lemon Delicious Pudding
Lemon Meringue Tart
Marion's Tuna Bake
Nanna's Scones - Serve with Jam and Cream
Peanut Caramel Squares
Pie Apple Tart
Plain Scones - Serve hot or cold with jam and cream
Pumpkin Scones - Serve hot - cut in half and spread with butter
Quandong Jam
Queen Pudding
Quick and Easy Chops - Can be served on a bed of rice or with mashed potato
Salmon and Zucchini Quiche
Salmon Bake
Saucy Lemon Pudding - Serve hot
Spicy Lamb with Rice
Steak and Kidney with Dumplings
Tuna Slice - Nice served either hot or cold
Winter Beef Casserole - Sprinkle chopped parsley on top and serve with rice or mashed potatoes