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Karen Myors

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Information about Karen: Karen grew up on a property in the Wanaaring district, which is 2.5 hours west of Bourke. I have known Karen all my life, as her family, her husband's family and my family all originated from the Wanaaring area. We all attended schools in Bourke (and other boarding schools) due to the remoteness of Wanaaring. Karen now lives in Victoria with her husband, Les. They have three daughters and five grandchildren.


Karen has inherited some wonderful recipes passed down from both her and Les's family members. She is an amazing "home" cook and everyone goes back for seconds.

Karen has kindly shared some of her amazing recipes with us for this site.

Posted by: Marianne Hull

Recipes Currently Listed (143)
Apple Crisp - Can use any tin fruit
Bacon & Onion Jam - Makes approx 7 x 200ml jars
Basic Cake Mix (Large Scale)
Chicken Noodle Soup - Serve with crusty bread slices
Chicken Stroganoff - Rice or Fettucine to serve
Chinese Slow Cooked Pork - Serve on plate and top with segments of mandarin
Chinese Style Fillet Steak - Serve on sauteed onions, rice and/or veges
Choc Honeycomb Slice - Cut into squares and serve or store in air tight container in fridge
Corn, Bacon and Potato Chowder - Serve with Crusty Bread
Cornflake Crunch Slice - Cut into squares
Easy Apple Crumble - Serve with Whipped Cream or Ice Cream
Honey Mustard Onions - Serve with grilled or BBQ meats
Italian Sauce - Add to Pasta for a light meal or use a jar to add to Spaghetti Bolognaise mix
Lamb Shanks (Pressure Cooker)
Lemon Delicious - Serve with Cream or Ice Cream
Lemonade - To serve - mix 1/4 lemon syrup to 3/4 Water or Soda water (mix to own taste)
Mandarin Jam - Can be frozen in suitable container for up to 6 months
Mango and Vanilla Ice Cream - Frozen or canned Mango can also be used
Microwave Chicken and Corn Soup - Best use of leftover BBQ chicken - 10 mins and you have a meal
Microwave Golden Syrup Dumplings - Quick and easy dessert
Mushroom Sauce ( For Pork or Chicken )
Pavlova Roll - Can use any type of tin fruits - drained
Pickled Beetroot - Lasts well in fridge
Platter Dip - A different slant on Dips and Biscuits - a big winner!
Plum Sauce - Plums are best when just ripe
Quince Jam - Make sure fruit is all yellow - fully ripe
Rich Golliwog Dessert (Chocolate Ripple)
Satay Chicken - Serve with Rice & Greens
Savoury Scrolls - Can be frozen before slicing into scrolls
Spinach Cob Loaf (Non Cook)
Sponge Roll - Filling can be jam and whipped cream if desired
Sticky Chicken and Coconut Rice - Serve sticky chicken on a bed of coconut rice
Sticky Date Pudding - Served with whipped cream, custard or ice cream
Thai Prawn / Fish Yellow Curry - Serve with rice and a squeeze of lemon/lime